Monday, February 10, 2014

Sydney and life


I always listen to songs to boost up my mood. I love listening to songs that I love. Usually I start off my days with a few songs or sometimes repeatedly listen to the same song. Yeah, somehow it really helps to make me happy with those fast-paced songs. I feel energetic and 'wake up' from my sleep.

Tonight, I listen to this one song by Iwan (zaman dia laghoo).. Not only in the morning, I listen to youtube most of the time before I do my work- to be exact before I start my writing.. and then I just click the song next to the video on Youtube. This is dangdut song by MasIdayu. It reminds me of one of my good friend back in Australia. I really miss our times and feel like crying sometimes. Life in Malaysia is not as good as in Australia. I just hope I could back there again.

Back to story, this friend of mine is really a bright student, always study consistently and enjoyed watching Asian dramas so much. But one thing that I respect about her, she always put others before herself. She always cook something nice for us. I love the pancakes, the nasi tomato, and other food that she made. She's really a good cook. I hope she'll meet a good guy to take care of her.

Sometimes we do have 'terasa' hati but it makes our bond stronger. Why the song reminds me of her? Because she will always played the song loudly on the earphone while studying and doing the work. I think she enjoyed that way because its like she is in her own world without any external sound that might interrupt her..

I really miss our times studying, living, travelling, eating, cooking, shopping, and do everything together on that small apartment of Forsyth Street. I think the apartment is less that 600 sq ft but we love it. Small but precious. We celebrated our birthdays together. The apartment is incredibly small but we fit in 6 people inside there, just for the sake of cheaper rent rate and also due to some other reasons.

Today I got back from work around 6.45pm and now I'm here in front of laptop, trying to write something even if it is not much that I could write tonight, but I hope I can say something to myself that I have put enough effort to make sure I could get my work published before end of this month.

Writing has never been easy. And life doesn't promise you good but I believe Allah doesn't ask you for the result but how much you put in your effort in it. I just leave everything to Him after I have work hard and put my full effort in making it. Of course I can do nothing without Him at first.

Let's hope for the best. Cheers for the uncertain future and enjoy current life! Hoping to publish in ISI journal Tier 1 soon!

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