Saturday, February 22, 2014

Oh my paper!


I just finished writing 2 dimensions of my analysis in the 'results' section of the paper. I still have 3 more dimensions to write, plus an introduction and discussion and conclusion sections of the paper.

After working for almost all day, I only managed to write few pages of the analysis. Yes, it's hard for me to focus on writing.

I targeted to finish everything by today but it doesn't seem feasible for me. I know I have to work faster, but I think I am slowly learning towards it. My boss keeps on pushing me to work faster, but I think he may need to consider my background as well. I have never write any thesis or learn any research methodology before this. So, I have zero knowledge about all this research matters.

Whatever it is, jom layan this song. One of my fav back during my school time. I even bought the cassette for this album. Back in 2005 we don't have internet connection at home. So everything especially nashid songs we relied on cassette and radio to listen to it.

Layannn.. Tomorrow will be going to OU to enjoy our remaining weekend before start a new week. I planned to buy a pair of shoes and maybe a perfume. I have 3 bottles of it but the temptation of 25% off from bodyshop is irresistible. Haiyo botak kepala.

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