Saturday, February 15, 2014



When I finished my undergraduate, I have no plan of continuing to higher level of education. I choose to work instead.

My ambition and dream have always be a lecturer. But in order to be that, I need to have completed my doctoral degree. Working for my ex-boss for 4 months gives me a lot of exposure to the lecturer's life. It seems not quite easy but I think quite relaxing if you already in higher level, such as a Professor. I feel more and more inspired to be one.

To be in that position is not easy. It costs me more and more of sleepless night, no more weekends and more of stayback and work in the office. On average I will be home around 6@7 pm, I am not brave enough to go back later than that since I have no access card to the main door of the office, plus I am scared of the road and darkness of the night.

Initially I planned to work for 2 years as research assistant and write as many papers as I could. But then after I am a bit frustrated with the work that I could not be officially appointed, I tried to google for few universities around UK to apply for. But somehow i didn't match the qualification stated there. Because of that, I decided to apply for unsw, which is my former university. A lot easier to apply since I have already studied there before, they know my English level so I don't need to go through any English test anymore. Much better than UK. After all, I'm still hoping and aiming for Uk, at least for my PhD.

Then I emailed the school to ask for closing date for application to UNSW, but they give me offer of application fees being waived. I am not quite sure why they give me fee waiver, is it because I was UNSW's student before? Maybe yes.. Without the fee waiver, an application would cost me AUD50=RM150++.. That's quite expensive.

For now, let's hope for the best. I applied for mara for the loan. If I could get mara, I won't be hesitate to stay here since the work is too tense and I feel pressured of studying for Masters degree. MBA seems quite impossible with too much hassle and ridiculous requirement. They even ask for 3 years of work experience before I can apply for MBA. Not that I am underestimating the course, but the students' quality is too bad, from my experience dealing with their exam papers. It is not up to the standard of masters student that I was expecting. So what's the point of putting higher requirement when the students' quality is not up to the standard?

I am so sad to think I could not pursue my masters in Um because I already fall in love with my working space, my work and I want to be able to study and work at the same time. I think UM is the best place to do research because it has a good name globally, and I love the environment of UM. Bak kata student UM, Once UM, always UM. haha I guess I just be part of it.

I hope I can do better for my masters. I applied for specialisation in banking, and also economics and finance but it is for different semesters.

I hope I could pursue it in July semester. By December next year I should be able to pass everything and come back home. Or maybe I should work harder and apply for working in Aussie? That would be wonderful.

I should start writing my PhD proposal later when I start off my masters degree. I will find any gap of the study and do my research on it. Yes, I should.

Hoping for the best to finish my paper tomorrow. Let's hope that I will... insya Allah


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