Monday, February 17, 2014

Second interview


After all the hassles of phone calls to the hospitals, I did receive positive reply - they agree to be interviewed. But it is of short notice. Really.

The interviewee agreed to be interviewed but then it is tomorrow! Which means 9 hours from now. I was really tired today. Lots of things need to settle (tapi tak settle pun) and then when he said just come tomorrow. Without hesitation I said yes, sure we'll come. The time is determined by him - 9 oclock in the morning.

I then whatsapp my team mate, informing her about the interview. My team mate says that she need to send her daughter to nursery and maybe a bit late for the interview. OMG. I can't believe that I'm going to face the interview alone. Before this I was just an assistant. I din't expect that I need to study this topic in depth.

That was before I know about in-depth interview. It requires you to have knowledge about the topics and you know how to tackle the interviewee and ask them more when they say something. It is not as straight-forward as questionnaires. The answer from interviewee is open-ended and the next question is lead by the interviewer.

That is the most challenging part of in-depth interview. Because if you don't know how to lead the conversation, it may goes on and on to other topics which might not relevant to the research topics and objectives.You might end up having 2 hours of interview with no points relevant to the topic.

Just now I feel confident enough to face the interviewee. He's the head of public relation department in one of reputable government hospital in KL. Initially I was relieved when my boss said she will go to the interview with me but then my boss has other commitment and couldn't make it. Sobs.. Sometimes I feel not confident enough for the interview.

O Allah, ease my day tomorrow.

I need to get enough rest to face hectic day tomorrow.

I have to handle admin stuffs for 6 different grants/projects. And do research for 2 projects, plus my own paper that I am currently writing, and I am organizing seminar for 30 people on March 17, so I need to invite them, prepare letter for permission of organizing seminar, arrange for the guests transport - since they're coming from Penang, and other universities, pay claims for them, book hotel, prepare booklets and everything for the seminar.

If total up the amount of the 6 grants it could worth half of million ringgit. It's quite hectic to manage all those and I need to learn to manage things more effectively. Lots of bureaucracy and filing and forms and letters before everything could be approved. Usually an RA only manage 1 project, do research based on that project and do admin work for that sole project.

It's not easy but I believe there is hikmah in everything. With difficulties come opportunities, with difficulties come easiness. Just trust that Izzah!

p/s; the more hectic my life is, the more frequent I will keep my update here. Love to write things here, as not many people read it and for my open-secret-diary thing that I will treasure it soon when I'm up there. insya Allah peduli dengan grammar tunggang langgang, as long as I understand. hehe

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