Friday, December 5, 2014



People do change over time, so do I.

My behaviour, my interest and the way I think now is way different that I was during high school.
Sometimes your different field and level of studies will change how you behave, your interaction, your topics of interest and how you converse with your partner. And how you could diversify your thinking and broaden your mind? By reading of course. Read and read other people's field as well, not just living in the field of yours.

Sometimes people could be different after their status changes, single friend is way different that married friends. I wish to have friends that stay they way they are, even after being married. I wish to be that kind of friend in the future.

Kadang-kadang rasa sedih mengenangkan diri sendiri yang belum habis2 belajar. Studying and working have taken too much of my time that I lost time to socialize with friends.

Tomorrow, a good friend of mine back in Sydney is getting married and I don't think I will be able to attend. Sometimes having constraints of not having a car is driving me crazy. Capaian terbatas dan limited. I've missed most of my friend's weddings. *sigh*

My friend said getting a degree is compulsory, and getting a master is a compliment, but not PhD. But for me, I think getting a PhD is a need for my own satisfaction. But the price of sacrifice that I have to pay would be soo expensive. I may have lost my friends, having trouble with people around me throughout the way. Because the work-life-balance has never been easy, I am still learning to balance everything out and I am not really mentally prepared for that.

Bare with my stress and pressure pretty please. Because the journey in research is getting lonelier.. So this blog will always be a place to ease my pressures and stress burden.