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Yesterday I called the Management Office with regards to my appointment as official RA for ERGS project. Since ERGS is from Ministry of Higher Education, so they need graduate research assistant to work for the project. And sadly I am not a graduate student and can't be officially appointed.

This insecurity of my job makes me sick and feels like going back to study soon, I mean real soon. I really wanted to do my masters in business school, but then the requirement of 3 years working experience seems couldn't be compromised. It seems impossible for me to do MBA in UM since I just have few months of working experience.

And to work with another boss is impossible too, since my current boss will ask me to do her work. Working for 2 different person is not good, not only you have lots of work but also different instructions from bosses. So for me, it's either work for my current boss or just 'blah' from there. To start applying for job in private sector doesn't appeal much to me. I think I'm happy with the research life and this is the only pathway for me to become a lecturer.


I wrote in the previous post that I have apply for masters programme in my university. I got reply from them that I'm not advised to do masters of commerce because it will be overlap from my prior major during undergraduate unless I want to pursue in another specialisation. They suggested me to do masters in finance or financial analysis.

Among the reasons I wanted to go back to Australia, mainly because of the system. I'm really sick with the system here, lots of paper involve, eveything must be signed and approved, yada yada. In fact for application overseas what you need is just a click and its all within your fingertip. Anything you don't really understand, just email them. I did email them to the general email and within 24 hours I think I got reply from the specific person in charge handling my case.

I just give them my student number and they can check my previous record of study (results, major, subjects and everything) within a minute. One good thing about western system, they do reply email if you have any inquiry and the response is pretty fast (within 24 hours) or sometimes just within few hours or less. I'm so impressed given what I have undergone in our university here is very different. I applied for the masters programme free of charge (because I emailed them) and then within 3 days I got reply from them:

Dear Izzah

Thank you for applying to the Australian School of Business at UNSW and to the program 8404/8417  Master of Commerce  Banking/Finance.  I am unsure if you are aware that there are programs designed for furthering studies for those who already have a major in Finance.

We have assessed your entry for the program above and this has been approved based on our entry requirements for the program and sent back to UNSW Admissions for processing.
Please note that correspondence from UNSW Admissions may take 1 to 2 weeks during peak admissions times. 
After initial assessment of your application, we wondered if you had considered 8413 Master of Financial Analysis or 8406 Master of Finance, as it would appear that with your current background you may find this program to be a better fit to build on your prior academic knowledge.

We would like your feedback on whether you wish to remain in your first choice of program or, after reviewing the link below would be happy to change your preference to 8413 Master of Financial Analysis or 8406 Master of Finance instead.

Please use the link below and click on the relevant program to view the outline and entry criteria.  Further information on the program and its structure can also be obtained from our UNSW Online Handbook which you can link to after reviewing the following :

If you decide that you would like to be considered for the alternative programs above, please send an email

Kind Regards


I then reply them back

Dear Emma, 
Thank you for your reply, as with my prior academic knowledge and based on my major in first degree, I do not have much intention for specialisation in finance/financial analysis. 
However, I am quite interested in pursuing in Economics major. May I know if I could change my preference to Masters of Economics?
And if I were to enrol into Masters of Economics, what is the chance that I could pursue Phd after completing masters degree?
Thank you for your time.

Warm regards,
Izzah Mohammad

The next day I got reply from the specific person

Dear Izzah
Thank you for your email.  We will check with the Program Director in Economics of your request.
Kind regards
Chris Kelly
ASB PGRD Admissions


All I can say is that they really do their work efficiently. I inquired about the requirements for masters programme by research. The next day I got reply with full of information in an email - with attachments and everything. usually everything is on the web, it is just that I didn't search thoroughly.

This is the reply:

Thank you for your interest in a research degree at the Australian School of Business, UNSW.  Please find in the attached documents some information on how to apply for a research degree. 

You can find the same information on our web page at:

All potential applicants are required to send an expression of interest (EOI) to the Australian School of Business Research Office before formally applying for admission to the university. 

On the basis of the EOI, applicants may be invited to submit a formal application for admission.

As outlined in the document, please send the completed EOI questionnaire form and the required documents to me by return email.  (It is strongly recommended that International students provide a GMAT or GRE score.)

Step 1: Check that you meet the minimum academic entry requirements

PhD: The minimum academic entry requirement for the PhD is:

  • A four year undergraduate degree with honours class IIA or better in a related discipline*
  • A strong research Master’s degree in a related discipline*; OR
  • An equivalent academic qualification or level of experience

MPhil: The minimum academic entry requirement for the MPhil is:

  • A coursework Master’s degree in a related discipline* with an overall grade of Distinction (75 per cent) or better
  • A four year undergraduate degree (preferably with honours); OR
  • An equivalent academic qualification or level of experience
How to submit an EOI
Email the Australian School of Business Research Office with the following information:
1.     A completed EOI questionnaire:
2.     A Research Proposal *
3.     Resume/Curriculum Vitae
4.     Academic transcripts for all previous degrees (at this stage it is not necessary to provide certified copies)
5.     Two recommendation letters or referee reports ( these are required even if not applying for a scholarship)
6.     It is strongly recommended that applicants to the PhD program (who have not completed an undergraduate degree in Australia or New Zealand
within 18 months of applying) take the GMAT or GRE and provide their scores with the EOI. Requirements for various Schools are as follows:

Banking and Finance
Information Systems
Risk and Actuarial
Taxation and Business Law

* Research Proposal

PhD applicants
At UNSW and other Australian universities, it is standard practice to ask applicants to submit a research proposal. The research proposal is used by the School to determine whether it is possible to provide adequate supervision and resources to support your research.

If you are accepted into the program, the topic may be reviewed or refined during the course of your enrolment. The proposal is also used to assess your capacity to undertake research. It should demonstrate:

  • Clear aims and objectives
  • Some consideration of method
  • A good command of the English language
  • That you are capable of independent and critical thinking
Your research proposal should be 3-7 pages in length and include:
  • A discussion of the issues you would like to explore (why it is important and interesting)
  • Background literature supporting your project
  • An explanation of the way your project would significantly add to the understanding of the topic
  • A bibliography of your background literature
MPhil applicantsMPhil applicants may submit a brief research proposal which indicates their area of interest.

Please note: Your proposal may be subjected to Turn it In to check for plagiarism issues.
UNSW has a zero tolerance policy on plagiarism

More information on our postgraduate research programs (PhD and MPhil) can be found in the Program Guide 2013 at:

Information on applying for scholarships is available at:

Please make sure you take note of scholarship application closing dates. Please note: It is very competitive to get a scholarship. There are no extensions to the application deadline.

**Please note even if you answer yes to applying for a scholarship on the EOI, you will  still need to complete a separate scholarship form.

If after reading through this information, you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Note:  This is just a preliminary application. Once you have satisfied the university's minimum requirements, you will then be asked to make a formal application to study in our postgraduate program. Please do not contact the staff in the school about potential supervision. You will be assigned a supervisor in your area of interest once you are admitted.

Kind regards,
Jenny Danon


Small things make the change for the big thing. Because of this 'small' thing, it makes me wanna go back to Australia soon, very soon. Dah fed up dengan orang office tak angkat phone, email lagi la x reply, HARAMMMM MMMM je nak reply.. website x maintain, semua info takdak!

Kalau call office UNSW, even on saturday still ada orang angkat and line tak pernah pulak engage je.

That's the different in our system compared to western. If we say we're way behind the others in the world university ranking, look at the system and we would know why!


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