Monday, December 30, 2013

Welcoming the year of change


Berhabuk agaknya blog ni setelah di tinggalkan tidak ber'update'.

Apa akan jadi, hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu.

Buat masa sekarang, fokusku adalah untuk stabilkan hidup sebagai seorang anak, adik, kakak, hamba Allah, kawan, pekerja, researcher, etc etc.

My new resolutions for my life in 2014 will be focusing on 4 things that I need to balance, which are;
  1. Family and friends
  2. Work - research
  3. Tarbiah
  4. Health
Maybe I should include writing blog as one of my resolution so that I could always look at the memories of the past. I think I should write about my journey in this research thing and the challenge of becoming a researcher.

I am still learning to be a better person than I am today. Indeed I am struggling in a long-time-endless journey called life, and I am a learner.  For now, the number 2 resolution item is taking the biggest part of my daily life (which is not good) but the feeling of inferiority always keep me working. Sometimes I lose my confidence in doing something,and I feel loss. But there will always something/someone who always be there to support me. Alhamdulilah I am so grateful to be surrounded by beautiful people with beautiful hearts.

I guess Steve Jobs's famous quote "Stay hungry, stay foolish" has some effect to myself to some extent.

I have made mistake for the past few years, but I promise not to repeat that mistake again. I will strive hard and do my best for my future. I believe everyone deserves to have a second chance in life. Insya Allah do the best and leave the rest to Him.


2014 would be challenging for me, since I would have to work under 2 different bosses with 2 different needs and projects. But I keep thinking positively that there is always room for me to learn something from these two different boss.

In life, we would never know that we could fall in the deepest point of our life at anytime. The job-hunting has ruined my confidence level with those hurdles and pressures from the surrounding environment. Become a jobless for months is not a great thing to remember at all. But Alhamdulillah praise to Allah, I met a kind-hearted person who is currently my boss. He accept me for whatever qualification that I have and gives me back my confidence. He gives me a lot of room for self-development and learning. Aku doakan semoga Allah memberikan boss ku hidayah dan kebaikan yang melimpah-ruah. Insya Allah

Among the resolution of new year, is to improve the writing (academically or santai). I think need to stop here since I have lots to do. Going back to home to meet my newly born nephew - Umar and my family. I have to go back to regain my energy  or else I will be lemau.

Insya Allah I will update again