Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Development studies


Tonight I was supposed to do my journal article, but I don't have mood to do write up. I know we shouldn't rely on our mood to do something but it's just I have realized that I couldn't do write up unless I complete the table showing the dimensions of my analysis. It would be easier for me to refer to the table and do writing based on that.
Why I didn't do it now? Because my laptop couldn't install NVIVO software and I have to refer to it when I wanna create the summary table of my analysis, that's why I need to do it on the office's computer.

Then after I closed all my tabs of writing-related-apps, I then open the link that I shared on my facebook page. I always share anything that captures my attention on my facebook so that I could read it later. After I read it for awhile, I was shocked to see the photos of the state of deprivation, here in KL. It is in Setapak, very close to where I am staying now. It really looks similar to the one in Slumdog Millionaire - all those garbage, with polluted river and very dirty and soiled environment.

I didn't expect we still have those people who are in extreme poverty and they can do nothing about it. No education, no proper health care, no proper sanitary. These are the basic human right that everyone of us deserves. The worst is that they don't even have IC. Allah.

I am deeply saddened looking at the photos of the kids. If they didn't go out from the situation, they will stay in the poverty cycle for generations. They wouldn't be able to come out of it.Only education could help them, something which they don't have access to since they don't have IC.

Allahu musta'an. That's all I could say. Starting from today, I am determined to do studies about this. I want to contribute my best to change what they are now. Allah, cukupkan masa ku untuk semua ini.


My situation coincides with what I read on the blog tonight. Today I called the faculty of economics to ask them about doing masters in development studies. My interest has always been in development studies. I took the  course when I was in my third year and i think it is very challenging field and interesting as well to study of the people, instead study of their business.

After talking to the person in charge, I am sure of myself that I would apply for it when the application for the program is open. It's in mix-mode study, 16 credit hours of classes and 40 credit hours just for the research. The 40 credit hours of research is everything about arguments, presentations and discussions. That is what development studies all about.

In economics, every pro must have the con. So arguments about an issue will always be the core business in economics.

Back to story, I just hope I will grow my interest deeper in this field and contribute to my beloved nation, one day insya Allah. Let's just pray I will get accepted to the school and study deeply on this matter so I could change them. amin


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