Tuesday, November 18, 2014




Almost two-third out of my 14 weeks of lecture for this first semester has passed. Only Allah knows how hard the study is for me, to cope with the workload, contents and the pressure.

Initially, we're in a small group of 4, but yesterday my dear friend has left the course to continue his PhD at other university. What a sad fact but life has to go on. With or without my coursemate.

Being in a very small group of cliques, the competition is very tough among us. But as usual, I will keep calm and being last minute will be my trademark.

As of now, I haven't started my term paper that worth 40% of the total mark, which is going to be submitted in 2 weeks time. Our group assignment for Education blue print has not yet started - this one also needs to be submitted in 3 weeks time + another essay for Development Theory and Practice. And not to mention final exam is just 6 weeks away. And now revising my first essay.

Just a quick summary on the topics I am working on:
1) Term paper: Overview of health care provision in India
2) Group assignment: Education blue print critiques
3) Essay: Virtuous and vicious circles of Sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia
4) Essay: Gender ratio?


Life is tough and demanding.

With working at the same time. UM has now become my second home since I spent most of my life there - at least for this 2 years. Being a student of one prominent researcher in the field, my lecturer will always go outstation due to fieldwork. My lecturer not only supervise students in UM, but also in other parts of the world, such as Australia, UK, US, and few other countries. And tomorrow we will have second replacement class in this semester.

I am very exhausted. Seriously feel like burned-out because of the studies and work pressure.

Working is also stressful, with the pressure of writing the journal and at the same time need to deal with lots of problems, especially admin work.

I just can't wait to end this semester and think about my dissertation. I hope I can do something related to my hometown - be it issues of education, health or tourism - which forms large part of my interest in development areas.

May Allah eases for me. ameen

p/s: As short as receiving A score for my article review (Very tough article) and short message of motivation can make me smile. Thanks to my Dr. L!