Wednesday, February 5, 2014



Last weekend, I was down with fever and backpain for the whole 4 days of long weekend (CNY Hols). It waas really horrible since this is second time I feel sick after I started working last September. 4 days of sleeping and doing nothing at all. I just stayed at home with no single outing at all. My sis and I had planned lots of thing but we couldn't do it since I was sick.

I guesss after working too hard for the past week, that's the cost that I have to bear.

Last week, I tried to change my routine from working after isya', to sleeping and then wake up and work in the middle of the night. I did that during my SPM time and it was okay. I am so much fresher at midnight. I never fell sick because of it. But now maybe I've ageing so I guess that's the reason why I become sick because of my not-so-good sleep pattern. On Thursday, I woke up in the midnight and do some work, until about 6 am in the morning and subuh. I planned to sleep around 1 hour before work but I couldn't make it. So I went off for work with insufficient sleep. That night I was down with fever.

Now I still have runny nose but I don't care about it. I just take the pills whenever I remember about it. I'm a type of person who not really health conscious but when I feel sick I feel really bad about it and just wanna recover as soonest as possible.

This week has not been really good for me. Being sick, I can't do the work properly. Especially when I need to focus my ears to the interviews for transcribing purpose. It's a bit boring, I'd rather go for soo many interviews than transcribing it.

Other than that, I have a submission for my literature review, methods, results and introduction part of my zoo paper. I just copy and paste whatever I have from the journals on my MS-word without synthesizing and paraphrasing it yet. This is just LR, I haven't done anything on results part. I hope I can work on it on friday and saturday.

Later on Sunday I'm planning to go out somewhere, just to relax myself a bit from hectic and boring life of working. I think I need something relaxing but at the same time outdoor to prevent my skin from too much exposed in air-conditioned room.

Back to the story, my boss asked me to collect sample, which means going for in-depth interviews with doctors in Singapore and Bangkok for comparison study between these three countries.

Unfortunately after confirming with the university management, RA is not allowed to travel overseas under the grant. I was like, really3 frustrated. Because this would be my chance to gain more experience on interviewing and collecting sample from other countries. Plus I could go travel to my neighboring countries for the first time. I only managed to transit 2 times in Changi Airport but I didn't go to the city yet.

Sounds easy for the researcher to travel, but there's a lot of bureaucracy behind it. Lots of documents need to be filled up, and in the process you will need many signatures from those HOD to sign the forms. All those processes are really trivial because it takes so much time and makes me sick.

 So here I am, writing down my frustration. I just hope I can travel around the world without thinking about work, one day insya Allah.

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