Monday, April 21, 2014

Second draft first paper


Alhamdulillah, done with my second draft for the zoo paper.

Today I went out from home, around 7.50 am, and left the office at 8 pm.

Back at home, I started to work on my paper after having my dinner. And now I just send the second draft, it is not quite complete yet since I really have no idea on how to tackle the conclusion part.

Just wait for the comment from my boss. I hope everything will be as good as he expected.

I just feel like writing something on  my blog. This is the prove that I have been working and done my best, at least in my opinion. HAHA.

I think I'm not internally stable, I need to get shower, pray and go to sleep.. I am in sleep deprivation since I only slept for 4 hours ++ yesterday's night. Hope to get quality sleep tonight..

Night world,
 mimpikan yang indah saja.

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