Sunday, April 20, 2014

Being a researcher


I am a researcher

Being a researcher
is not a natural talent
It is something that can be learnt
and nurtured
over time

Being a researcher
you compromise
your leisure hours
your own sweet time

Being a researcher
and a writer
Teach me to be patient
and it is
a long-life learning

Being a researcher
I am now climbing the steep hill
slowly but surely
will arrive on top

Being a researcher
I may get stucked
But remember
just never give up.

Slowly, but surely
I will profess.

by: Dr. Izzah Mohammad.

NB: I am stranded in the middle of correction for my first paper. I feel so bad now, stressed and pressured. I really wanna finish this as quick as possible so that I could then focus on my next paper. The target is 5 ISI/Scopus to be published before I finish my masters degree. Please make du'a for me, the 'Dr' in my name is just for the sake of dua to myself.

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