Monday, March 3, 2014

The peak

I was so stress today knowing the bureaucracy is just unbearable anymore. Maybe this is the worst case I have ever encounter from my first day of working, until today. I wrote this on my FB.

Catatan dari research:

dari 2 minggu lepas aku deal dengan sebuah hospital kerajaan di Terengganu, untuk request for interview. A very short interview indeed, just wanna know the perspectives of management with regards to Islamic medical practice. No data from hospital is required. This project is funded by the government, tapi Allah saja tahu birokrasinya. Padahal berurusan sesama agensi kerajaan. Ceritanya begini..

Setelah beberapa kali follow up utk application dengan hospital, hari ni dapat call dari hospital tersebut, the person in charge cakap kena register kat NMRR (National Medical Research Register) as a researcher and get the ethics approval then only you can do research in hospital. I was like, ok I don't think this would take long.. bole la register kejap and then proceed dengan hospital terus.

But then after I registered and sign up an account there, I found that I didn't even complete a quarter of it.

Masa register dah memang banyak column tak berkenaan la sebab research project ni non-clinical, soalan kat situ sume pasal medical. Lepas sign up and get researcher ID, kena proceed dengan application for ethics approval. Kena isi nama hospital tu, and print satu form which Principal investigator (my boss) kena sign + chop, kemudian HOD hospital sign, then pengarah hospital kena sign.

After I get all those signatures, I have to scan and upload the form into the system and attach with research proposal, CV, and a letter why I want to apply for ethics approval. The application will then be reviewed by 3 agencies (I can't remember) but of total 35 working days at maximum to be processed --> Tahun depan belum tentu dapat sign diorang tu semua..

conclusion senang je, patutla negara kita stay developing country, even kalau bagi 100% expenditures negara utk RnD pun kita takkan kemana, sebab rakyat masih mentaliti di takuk lama.. semua pun paper-based, full of bureaucracies.

Usahkan gomen, private pun sama je tak bagi kerjasama.. macamana nak keluar dari middle income trap? You tell me.


I never expect the process will be like hell. I understand that we need the approval from the director of the hospital but to go through all the hassles of those application forms, I think not worth it.. We just need 30 minutes to max. of 1 hour interview with the stakeholders aka management of the hospital but to get the approval it may take for months. I was like so bengang and seriously lar, why the government wastes money for RnD since we won't improve our country. Our people's mind wouldn't change. We have first class facility with third class mentality and crap system. Middle income trap is just another name for our country. We wouldn't be escape out of it, with the debt that we have right now it seems impossible to be a developed country.

Say bye-bye to Wawasan 2020. Welcome to the suffering decade everyone.

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