Monday, March 17, 2014

Life is changing


I don't really care if this blog doesn't have any viewer since this is my open diary. I write for myself and just recently dedicated this blog to the journey of my career as to become a lecturer one day. I was inspired by my boss who got his PhD at the age of 28 and appointed as Professor at the age of 43. That is quite impressive.

My posts may not be grammatically correct but who cares right?

Back to the story, yesterday was an achievement though it was quite tiring day. I managed to organise the seminar successfully. Alhamdulillah, at least we got some people from the big companies to speak up in the seminar. Plus I got to build my networking with a few companies. Didn't talk much to them, only got their namecard.

End of seminar, my boss told me to have a day off. But today I came to work to return the laptop that was borrowed for the seminar.

Now I am so lazy to do anything. Supposedly I have to settle my proposal for my master, and do lots of claim (parking, settle with hotel, buy printers, scanners, and settle a few other things). I still have to finish my paper for my ex-boss. The paper was delayed for half a month now.. I think need to send email to him. Yes I need to.


I was thinking with my current life, I don't think I will get married within this 2-3 years. I have no time even for my family, how can I start a new family with this limited time that I have? I feel sad for most of my friends are now married and getting their child. My facebook friends' update has also changed to be more matured conversation. I still can't accept that we are now a matured young lady, not the high school kid anymore. The time flew so fast.. But here I am, stuck with my uncertain career path, and all my updates are all about my working life. I think my friends would think that I'm such a boring person. Maybe, but who cares? My target is getting PhD before the age of 30.

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