Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Transcribing the recordings


Alhamdulillah, thumma alhamdulillah.

I managed to finish my content analysis within the expected time. I did analysed the 37 essays in 5 working days -- it took me the whole last week when my boss was not around. Alhamdulillah.

But I haven't started my writing yet, not even started the literature review. Because I need to do another thing, and it takes my time so much that I may not have time left for my literature review.

I don't wanna blame the people or my bosses. But its just that I need more time to finish everything. For now I have 3 work under different bosses.


Last week I went for an interview with a doctor in PPUKM. She's a specialist in family medicine and a lecturer there. The interview is about the project that I am currently working with my second boss.

And this week, I have to transcribe the interview that my 3rd boss gave to me last week. There are lots of interview recordings that I have to listen and transcribe word by word, which means I have to write everything that the interviewee said.

I have around 4-5 hours of recordings. Oh em gee.

It's a very painful process I tell you. It took me more than 1 day to finish transcribing a 36 minutes of interview recording. And honestly I haven't finish it yet. Its painful, really. Because the interview was conducted in a very noisy room. I can hardly hear what the interviewer said or what the interviewee answered.

I even feel like crying when I was doing it, and I have no one to help me. :(

I tried to search for softwares to convert the MSV files to the ordinary mp3 files and try to use another software to reduce the background noise and increase the volume. And after that I find it easier to hear what they said.

May Allah ease my work tomorrow and the day after. I really hope I can transcribe as much as I could so that I can go off for my holidays this weekend with a peaceful mind. I wanna enjoy my life as a single person with my friends aka my ex-housemate in Sydney.

Life is about journey, and it doesn't promise to be easier by day. I pray to Allah that He eases my way and makes me stronger in this journey. Good luck to me.


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