Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Change can be good at times


I went to Melaka for my road trip with my girlfriends last weekend. It was an awesome one indeed. We truly enjoyed Melaka as a tourist in our own country. This is my first time travelling with friends in Malaysia and be the tourist. We have done Aussie road-trip for quite couple of times and travel across the North Island New Zealand together. This time around, only the location and our status that have changed. Previously, we were students and now everyone is working except for El, because she's continuing her Phd journey soon.

After I went back from the trip, my boss did 'whatsapp'ed me, saying that he got something to discuss.

When I heard the word 'discuss', I can already guess what he wanted to say. It must be about my job, and future undertakings -- who I am going to work with since he will go for his sabbatical leave next week onwards.

Without telling me, he actually offered me to other lecturers who need an RA and there are two of them that wanted me to work with them. After discussing with my boss, I agree to work under another Prof since there would be more good prospects for my future if I work with someone who is already 'stable' enough, rather than someone who is climbing the hill.

For now, I am still working under the current boss till the end of this week and next week I will be officially appointed for the work under the new boss.

Back to the story, the Prof, my new boss later text me and ask me if I want to be her RA. And I said yes, I agree and I discussed about the payment. She said I would be getting more than what I currently have with a condition that I need to fulfill the KPI.

Surprisingly, the KPI is quite high (publish 3 journal article in a year) for someone who has never ever published anything, any journal, or even any thesis before. But without hesitation I told her that I will publish and accept the terms and conditions. That's the challenge to myself. I believe we won't get higher if we don't go out from our comfort zone. And that means I will work harder towards it.

With the new boss, I currently have 3 projects under my responsibility;

The first one is to be an RA and do what the other RAs do -- transcribe, interview, find articles, make summary, do questionnaire, run the data analysis and other administration and research work.

My second task is to go for interview with the medical tourism stakeholders for the project called 'Islamic Medical Tourism'. This one would be ended after I finished interview with the stakeholders.

My third task is managing the project as the research admin, or my boss call it financial manager, or whatever it is. Basically the project has 3 sub-groups that have 3 RAs. So what I need to do is just manage the main account expenses, make claims, organise meeting and other admin tasks.

It is sad to think that Friday would be my last day of working with the boss after 4 months being under him. I learned quite a lot, but still unsatisfactory for me. I need to work harder with the new boss. But I am really grateful that Allah has given me this amazing boss for me. Thank you for accepting me and treat me well for the past 4 months. He never complained much about my work but it is me who always think inferior, and the inferior feeling drives me to work hard and never give up on anything. I hope my research will still go on even I would not be working under him anymore.

Change, is something that we always do. Sometimes it could be good, and sometimes it could be bad. But I believe there is always hikmah that Allah wants us to ponder upon. This time around, I really have a good instinct that I would be in higher position with my current job. I would learn a lot and improve myself.
I believe Allah has chosen the best for me and I will work through it.

No matter how hard it is, no matter how countless sleepless night I will face, I won't give up this time around. This is my promise.

May Allah eases the journey.
Insya Allah.

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