Monday, May 5, 2014

The final 100 meters


Just a quick update on my research journey.. After all the hurdles and hardship that I went through in producing my first journal article, tomorrow my boss will finalise everything before the final check up from another co-author a.k.a professor from UUM, so this will be called our first draft that will be sent to the editor.

I just hope everything will go as planned. aamin According to my boss, the paper is a guaranteed publication. Let's pray it will get accepted soon.

It took me awhile to understand this world of academician. Until now, I am still learning about the publications, the journals and how they work. I was quite diverging from my field of study. I studied economics and finance during my undergraduate years, but then working in the tourism field under the tourism scholar in UM. Among the topics that I did research mainly about wildlife tourism, zoo tourism, spiritual tourism, accessible tourism and other tourism stuffs.

After 4 months working in the field of tourism, recognizing the high impact journals in tourism, I then moved to another supervisor. She is the professor of supply chain and anything relates to it. I have to start learning the journals again. I need to know which one is high-ranked journals and start from scratch again. I just hope I can survive in this world of academics. Amin

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