Saturday, May 17, 2014



This is not the first time. Hati ku terluka..

Hati ni sedih sangat sebab someone close to my heart did this to me. It hurts me, seeing that person online in FB using mobile when in fact she told me the 3g credit has run out so we can't chat on whatsapp. For your information, whatsapp doesn't consume much data, not as much as facebook, not as much as you uploading the picture to FB.

Weekend is the time I usually spend to think about my relationship with other people. On normal days i may not have much time to catch up with the people that I love, and same goes to other people. Today, I'm the one who initiated the conversation so maybe I did it in wrong time. my bad.

I'm the type of person that replying sms/inbox/whatsapp as soon as I see it. Unless it needs long explanation or I need to write long answer, ONLY then I won't reply immediately. But usually I won't be telling people that I am busy so I need to cut off the conversation. Very rare I did that. It only takes a few seconds to reply whatsapp.. Just to catch up a few thing, bukannya lama pun.. Sedih.. seriously sedih.

People change, I know that. Kawan baik masa sekolah tak semestinya kekal hingga ke akhir hayat. Bila masuk U lain-lain semua buat hal sendiri jer. Mula2 contact jugak tapi bila asik kita jer yang contact, malas dah.. I'd rather keep silent and enjoy the life.

Now I'm listening to Roman Cinta by Mojo. Sedih gak lagu nih..layan dengan mood yang tak berapa sihat.

I'm currently doing literature review for land public transport project. Project museum and biomass hold dulu. Next week will be attending my best friend's wedding in Kampar, Perak and the week after will be having weekend getaway to Jb and Singapore. May Allah ease everything.

Stay cool and this is not the end of the world.

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